Amazing Wholistic Solutions
for A Healthier Life Style
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Achieving Your Personal Goals is important!


Our holistic Consultations
Provide Solutions

You will gain a greater awareness and perspective on how to deal with situations and challenges facing you --
whether the situation involves relationships, career, personal goals, or  spiritual focus.  We offer: Strategies to go beyond limiting beliefs about yourself or your situation. Guidance to assist you with reaching your full potential and achieving goals. Supportive empowerment tools & techniques. Transformative solutions to handle negative situations and negative energy.

When Should You
Consider A Consultation?

This varies with each individual, however our consultations can provide phenomenal help when you would like  . . .

  • to fine tune your goals and/ or would guidance to manifest them

  • to move in the right direction for your business, career or life.

  • assistance while going through  big life transitions (divorce, illness, job loss, etc.)

  • to get unstuck and to move forward with confidence.

  • to have fresh insight about a relationship or situation.

  • to seek spiritual guidance concerning your  life direction or

  • to simply  to talk with someone who can share insight into things about you and your life that you don't understand.


Why Personal Awareness
EXPERIENCED. Personal Awareness  consultants are phenomenal!  Our consultants approach every client issue synergistically to incorporate mind, body and spiritual health and wellbeing. With more than 30 years wholistic consultative experience our consultants provide an arsenal of strategic insight, intuition, spiritual wisdom,  clarity and  amazing guidance to assist clients with the confidence to meet their specific goals.


Meet Our Consultants

 African Shaman, Traditional Healer, Psychic Reader, Spiritual Teacher, Diviner

 Spiritual Intuitive, Life Coach, Author, Specialist in Emotion & Negative Energy Clearing

Consultant Availability

Office & Phone Consultations

Insightful one hour in office (Southfield, Mi area)  or phone sessions available for USA residents by appointment. Fees vary. Please click here to view consultants details for Chief Isha Mali or ORah. You may also  call for further information: 248 358 4674
Remote Online Consultations

Remote consultations are a convenient affordable way to obtain assistance and personal guidance.  To schedule a Mini personal consultations  you may   submit your request online along with your payment. You will receive a written response to your question (s) via email within 1 to 2 business days from receipt of payment.  Click the following link to view  further details and / or to request a mini consultation. 

Personal Awareness is dedicated
to your empowerment . Full/ extensive personal 
consultations are available by appointment
 Phone or Office (Southfield, Mighigan) 

Contact us for further information
248 358 4674

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