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 Consultations with a Traditional African Shaman !

Psychic Readings, Energetic Clearings & Divination Sessions

By Chief Isha Mali


The Chief’s Spiritual Reading Style

CHIEF ISHA MALI is a powerful African Shaman, Traditional Healer, Diviner, Spiritual Intuitive & Metaphysical Teacher  who has helped many individuals to achieve personal goals. 
He utilizes the ancient practice of ‘Cowrie Shell” readings as a form of Divination.   You will be asked to spread a pile of shells on a special "divination board".  This spread is what Cheif Isha Mali will read and interpret to deliver a message about your life and siutations facing you. 
Chief Isha Mali  has  more than 30 years of training in esoteric studies including  West African Techniques of Divining, Advanced Spiritual Sciences, Spiritual case work and Oracle readings.  He has taught several classes on personal empowerment including "The Path of Initiation", "Reshaping Reality" and advanced energy training.

Areas of Specialty

Spiritually Navigating through Challenges,  Balancing Mind, Body & Spirit, Deeping Family & Relationship Connections, Clearing Negativity & Negative Energy, Spiritual Case Work, Creating Abundance, Spiritual Protection & Empowerment, Gaining Clarity of Purpose & Sense of Direction.

Things to Know

Chief Isha Mali has a large diverse following and he works only with positive spiritual energy. Clients value his  deep and insightful readings -- which are always steeped with traditional wisdom.   During your reading consultation you'll not only learn what is going on in your life, but you will also receive guidance on how to improve challenging situations so that you can move into a position of empowerment.


Reading Session Options & Availability

In Person
Office Readings.

Regular reading / divination consultations sessions are 60 minutes in duration and are available for individuals or couples. Office Readings are held in Southfield, Mi. Fees are per person. Feel free to send an email request to: or you may call our office at: 248 358 4674 to schedule your reading.

FEE: $150  Now limited offer $120/ person


Phone and
Distance Readings

Phone and Distance Reading/ Divinations consultation sessions are available and are 60 minutes in duration.  Fees are per person. Feel free to send an email request to: or you may call our office at: 248 358 4674 to schedule your reading.

FEE: $125  Now limited offer $95/ person


Additional Services

Talismen, Incense, Oils & Case Work

As a Shaman, Chief Isha Mali understands the energetic, spiritual and metaphysical properties that exist in life.  To that end, he has an array of power tools that include blessed spiritual oils, herbs, talisman, incense, spiritual case work, energy clearings and more available for purchase. Feel free to call the Chief  for further details.
248 358 4674

Home/ Office Energy Clearings

Create a healthier environment where you work or live. Available in Michigan For additional information click the link below or call 248 358 4674. 


Gift Certificates for
Friends and Family

An intuitive consultation or psychic reading will make a great gift for anyone you love who’s dealing with life challenges.  Do you know someone who’s lost a job, dealing with an up and down relationship; feeling confused or could simply use some intuitive insight?

Call to purchase a gift card   248 358 4674

Payment Options

We accept cash (office session only), major credit/ debit cards and paypal. Payment is due at time of service for office consultations .  Invoices are available for phone and remote consultations. Appointments for phone or remote sessions are confirmed upon receipt of payment.