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Why Blocked and Trapped Emotional Energy Can Sabotage Your Goals

Emotions are energy. In our day to day journey, we may not realize  that some of the negative emotions that we experienced in the past, perhaps even as children, may still be part of us.

Normally when we experience emotions we release them and move on. However in unusual or traumatic circumstances emotions can latch on and continue to impact our lives.

Emotional Energy Clearing sessions are an effective wholistric strategy used to identify and clear negative subconscious emotions that can interfere with your wellbeing, sabotage relationships or block personal success goals. Our sessions are non invasive and can work in conjunction with alternative or along side traditional medical techniques.  

Studies support that your subconscious holds all of your memories, thoughts and emotions. It doesn’t judge the thoughts – it just holds them as truths to guide your journey - unless cleared or redirected. We can also have, old subconscious emotional energy  that we unknowingly inherited from our  parents or ancestors that is counterproductive to our present conscious goals.


At times   negative emotional energy can become trapped in various parts of our body and  have an impact on our physical wellbeing.

This could magnify  chronic illness, pain and discomfort and interfere with your body's ability to heal. Unless cleared, trapped emotional energy can also cause you to over react or short circuit your relationships. 


Emotional Energy Clearing Sessions are Effective and Life Changing.

After an energy clearing session, many people notice that they feel lighter concerning the presenting issue -- as if a burdon has been lifted. For some individuals this lightness translates into an opportunity to create space for a new beginning, increased focus, confidence in decisions, renewed outlook, renewed vision and renewed dedication to manifest a more harmonious life. 




Listed below are a few indications
that  you may have Emotional Blocks
or Trapped Emotions To Clear:
  • Experiencing a repeating pattern of money issues and financial difficulties.
  • Having consistent difficulty attracting or maintaining relationships with significant others
  • Feeling blocked in your love life or personal goals . 
  • Desiring to augment the healing proces for health challenges  
  • Feeling that your life is stuck despite your best efforts.  
  • Inability to sleep or insomnia
  • Feeling blocked with your fitness,  weight loss/ management strategies
  • Feeling that you can't think clearly or stay focused
  • Lacking motivation .
We Offer Convenient Office and Long Distance Remote Energy Clearing  Sessions

Your emotional energy clearing session will be conducted by ORah. She is an experienced Intuitive Consultant, Energy Worker, Empath, Certified Hypnotherapist and Author. (view detailed bio)

Through the utilization of heightened intuition, muscle testing /kinesiology, and a series of systematic investigative questions Orah is able to guide clients through their journey of clearing trapped or blocked sabotaging emotional energy, negative emotional trauma & negative beliefs. Muscle testing is an incredible way of getting answers from your subconscious mind. Orah conducts private in office sessions and remote long distance sessions.

IN SUMMARY:   Unless emotional blocks, negative beliefs and trauma are brought to conscious awareness and released, their presence may possibly interfere with the energy in the body. This may also have a negative effect on our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing; relationships, self-confidence, careers, motivation and our ability reach personal goals.

Session Options & Availability

In Person
Office Sessions

Personal office sessions are conducted from our Southfield, Michigan location and are available by appointment only.

Each office session is approx one hour to an hour and a half. *Should you desire a written report,  the consultant will spend an additional 1 - 2 hours focusing on your issue and preparing the report after concluding your office session. Reports are emailed.

During the office session we will identify, clear and discuss emotional energy that is impacting your issue.  Clients  may request assistance with one to two issues per session. Payment is required at time of service.  Please call for inquiries or to schedule an appointment.  248 358 4674

FEE: $150   Now limited offer $130/ Session

WRITTEN REPORT (Optional for office sessions):
FEE: $25  

Although not required for office visits, a written report is recommended to support your office visit. It contains a recap of your issue, details of our findings, a chronology indicating when the emotion became trapped, and our recommendation.

The report allows you to leisurely reflect on the history of your trapped emotional patterns.  Most clients enjoy reviewing their report summary and have reported even greater insight into their situation.  A Written Report of the session findings may be requested the day of your office session for an additional fee of $25. 

Written reports are emailed within 1 - 3 business days after your office session.


Remote / Long Distance
Clearing Session   

Remote sessions are available for individuals who are unable to attend an office session or who live in a different location.  

Energy knows no space or time. Remote sessions are powerful and informative. With your permission, Orah can connect with you energetically. This allows her to assist clients remotely by becoming their proxy for muscle testing to identify subconscious emotional blocks. 

ORah will also conduct an extensive investigative session on your behalf to systematically identify and clear blocked or trapped emotions. A distance clearing session will bring the client and consultants energy together for 1 - 2 hours depending on the cirumstances. This energetic connection does not require the client to be physically present with the consultant.  Clients may present not more than one or two issues per session.

WRITTEN REPORT  Upon completion of your remote emotional energy clearing session, a detailed written report will be emailed to you within 1 - 3 days of rceipt of payment. 

Your report will contain a recap of your issue, details of our findings, a chronology indicating when the emotion became trapped, and our recommendation.

The cost of the written report for remote clearings, is included in the price of the session. Upon receipt of the report, clients may feel free to call Orah 248 358 4674 or email her at to address questions or provide clarification of report findings if desired.

FEE: $120
Includes clearing session,
written report &  phone support.
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your remote session!

Additional Services
Phone Consultatons (Optional)
ORah provides phone consultations for existing clients. After your initial energy clearing session, should new issues arise for which you'd like asistance, you will have the option of scheduling a 45 to 60 minute follow-up phone consultations with ORah or you may simply submit a new remote energy clearing application.  Feel free to send an email request to: or you may call our office at: 248 358 4674 to schedule

FEE: $120 / session.
Payment Options

We accept cash (office session only), major credit/ debit cards and paypal. Payment is due at time of service for office consultations .  Invoices are available for phone and remote consultations. Appointments for phone or remote sessions are confirmed upon receipt of payment.

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