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Available Energy Clearings for:  Home/ Office Space       Blocked / Trapped Emotions      Aura/ Chakra Centers

Home and Office Energy
Clearings Create 
Healthier Personal Space
The subtle energy  that is all around us can have a profound impact on our daily lives as well as our health. Energy can be uplifting or it can contribute to our sense of dis - ease. It is important to surround yourself with harmonious energy to maintain well being. Spiritual energy clearings should be conducted regularly to maintain healthy tranquil personal space.

Indications that Your Personal Space Requires Energy Clearing:

  • Feeling tense or anxious often, 
  • Frequent arguments in the home/ office, 
  • Feeling uncomfortable in your home or personal space, 
  • The presence of long term sickness in the home/ personal space; 
  • Inability to sleep at home; insomnia
  • Feeling depressed, etc.
  • The inability to think clearly or stay focused
  • The environment feels stagnant or heavy
The Home/ Office Energy Clearing Process 
It is important to clear the Energy in your Home/ Office Regularly to create a
  healthier more harmonious environment

It is also wise to clear energy when: You purchase a new home; rent a new apartment; acquire a number of pre-owned pieces of furniture; or buy a used car.

The clearing is conducted by a Traditional Shaman and Consultant who uses traditional herbs, oils and medicines along with his knowledge of subtle energy to remove the effects of negative energy and create a more harmonious environment for clients. Our customers notice  improvement  almost immediately after receiving a clearing. 

The benefits of energy clearings  in your home, office , vehicle and personal space are immeasureable. You will relax better and feel better.


This home/office energy clearings are available by appointment for our  Clinton, Genesee, Oakland, Macomb & Wayne County Michigan area  clients. To schedule an appointment or for additional information home or office clearings -- please contact our office. 248-358-4674 or email:




Available Energy Clearing Services:  Home/ Office Space       Blocked / Trapped Emotions      Aura/ Chakra Centers