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   Recipe for Wealth 7 Simple Steps
Going Beyond Lack & Limitation

The word "Wealth"  actually comes from a word which means "happiness". (Webster's dictionary)  Happiness, Success and Prosperity is something we all want all of which are attainable when you have the right recipe.  

Recipe For Wealth – 7 Simple Steps is a practical and inspirational guide designed to make lack and limitation a thing of the past.  It is truly a recipe for achieving success.  You will learn energetic strategies on how to identify counterproductive thoughts that do not support your goals; how to take action to redirect your awareness concerning personal stresses and simple techniques to attract the success you desire. The process outlines easy to follow steps that will take you to a level  beyond positive thinking.  In fact, you will discover in this little book, why positive thinking alone is ineffective.  (Rhonda L. Powers, 2006, 93 pgs, 9 x 6) 


 $13.95/ ea


  The Golden Book of Personal Wisdom
A Synchronistic Guide to Increased Awareness
This book is a phenomenal personal oracle at your fingertips!

Receive Guidance on Personal Issues, Improve Relationships, Move Beyond Challenges, Gain Insight into Life Situations

Not your everyday book, nor is it intended to be read from cover to cover.  It is an amazing interactive book of divination that helps you to tap into your intuitive wisdom for a deeper, more insightful level of awareness concerning personal questions, areas of concern or issues. 

To use the book to Divine answers, simply hold it in your hands while focusing on an issue or question that is on your mind. When you are ready, you will open to a page that reflects very insightful wisdom from your Higher Self to guide you concerning the particular circumstance, question or situation you were focusing on.

The responses received are designed to heighten your intuition & expand your understanding concerning life questions and personal issues. You may consult it at any time and as often as you'd like.

The Golden Book is a wonderful source of inspiration and a treasure for individuals seeking to improve their lives, restore harmony and increase their inner connection.   (Author Rhonda Powers, 1999, 247 pgs, 9x6)


"I just love this book! I use it all the time!"  Diane C, Ohio

"I bought a copy for personal use and took it to my office. Now my employees are using it as well. It definitely keeps you focused on the important issues."  Dr. Anthony, Michigan

Use Regularly to Improve Your Intuition & Gain Clarity!


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  Why Settle For Less When You Deserve More?
7 Simple Steps to an Amazing Life

This book provides some of the easiest most effective tools you will need to catapult your life in the direction of your goals.

Why Settle for Less When You Deserve More? - is a transformative guide that takes a new approach toward creating successful life changes.  We each desire the best that life has to offer. Yet obtaining goals can be elusive.  Often it's our thoughts and actions that are impeding the process.

Your Thoughts, Words & Emotions
Will Either Attract Your Desires or
Push them Further Away

Whether you wish to improve your relationships, change careers, pass exams or have a healthier life – whatever break through you are seeking – the solution is often closer than you think. With the tools provided in this guide you will receive the “nudge” you need to catapult your life in the direction of your dreams.

While the techniques in the book may seem
simple -- they are actually powerful.

Interactive and self-directed this workbook contains easy to follow instructions to help you clarify, focus and attain personal goals in 7 simple steps. You will learn how the proper utilization of your thoughts, your energy and your focused intentions can actually ACCELERATE your ability to attract and enjoy positive life changes.

In our society there is a tendency to over think our situations. Why Settle for Less When Your Deserve More? forces you to change your perspective. This book is the perfect support tool for any adult who is sincerely seeking to get "unstuck" and who refuses to simply settle. When the techniques are applied, this book places you in the drivers seat of your life -- on track to achieving your goals. It is also a desirable resource for Educators, Team Leaders, Leadership Programs & Group Training.  (Rhonda O'Rah Watson, 129 pg, 8x10)


“The book made me take a closer look at the role I play in my own personal situations and gave me tools to make a difference”.  Craig
“The approach is simple yet profound. It really put things in perspective for me” Anthony
“It turned out to be a lot more than I expected. This is the best book for me because it gave me practical tools I can use daily.  I keep referring to it.”  Cynthia
“I am still applying the techniques on how to focus and avoid distractions to my goals. I'm doing the work. So far so good.”  Kim

Live Your Best Life NOW!


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Stress Relaxation Guided Meditation
AUDIO DVD Promotes Wellbeing

Stress is the number one cause of most health problems. It impedes the body’s ability to heal. However when stress is in check -- your overall sense of well-being is optimized mentally, physically and spiritually.

This powerful guided meditation audio DVD/ CD will take you through a gentle step by step process of letting go of daily stress and anxiety. It is very uplifting and centering. The tranquil audio is designed to promote deep relaxation on multiple levels as well as provide a tool to empower you toward mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

The 15 minute guided meditation session is very soothing -- however you will feel as though you've been relaxing for an hour!  Simply pop it into your DVD or CD player to begin the relaxing journey.

The audio DVD/ CD features the gentle voice of Rhonda O’Rah Watson, published author, spiritual intuitive,  healing touch/ energy practitioner and consultant for Personal Awareness LLC.

You will find the meditation to be a perfect way to start your day or end your day in a relaxed, stress free state of being. Pick up a copy for yourself and a friend. (Presenter, Rhonda Watson, 2013, Audio DVD/ CD, 15 min, )

   $15 / ea  


  Egyptian RenewTM Moringa Smart Pack

A Miracle Super Food Supplement

with Amazing Healing Properties!

21 g (21,000 miligrams)
Non GMO - Vegan - Gluten Free

BELIEVE IN BETTER HEALTH.  This product consists of 100 %  Pure Natural & Nutrient Rich Premium Moringa Leaf Powder - grown pesticide & chemical free in rich fertile African & Ecadorian Soil - A Super Whole Food  scientifically proven to have amazing health, rejuvenation & weight management benefits! 

Scientific studies have shown moringa leaves contain: seven times the vitamin C of oranges, four times the calcium in milk, four times the vitamin A in carrots, two times the protein of milk, and three times the potassium in bananas. In addition, Moringa has zinc, chlorophyll and three times more iron than spinach. It has amazing rejuvenation properties:  Antioxidants,  Anti-inflammatories;  Vitamins & Minerals; 27% Plant-based protein; All 8 essential Amino Acids.

This plant strengthens the immune system, increases energy, fights diseases. speeds recovery, fights aging and is considered to be the most nutrient rich plant on earth.


Each Smart Pack - Contains 21 conveniently wrapped single servings of 100% PURE Premium  Natural Moringa Leaf Powder! The best quality available. Hassel free and convenient to use.


You will notice increased energy and endurance the first week of usage. Add daily to your smoothie, green drink , soup or prepared meal for A Leaner, Healthier, Stronger, Younger Looking New You!

  $25 / Pack
*Limited Discount Special 
*NOW !  $18.99
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Moringa Optimal by EgyptianRENEW
Powerful Fitness Combo Supplement - 8 Oz
Non GMO - Vegan - Gluten Free

IMAGINE having more energy, greater endurance and increased strength! Moringa Optimal is a superfood combo power house - of pure premium nutrient rich Moringa leaf powder optimized by the zinc, iron, protein, magnesium & sesamol (anti oxidants) of sesame seed powder.  Available in an 8 Oz re-sealable package.

POWERFUL support for your fitness program by increasing energy, accelerating recovery from work outs, and supplying nutrients to the muscles for the vitality & stamina you need, curbing your appetite AND helping to control weight. Supports your immune system. High in vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants, and amino acids.  Great supplement to strengthen your body. Contains two super foods - pure Moringa leaf & pure sesame seed powder . Naturally grown without pesticides or chemicals. Non - GMO. Gluten Free & Vegan


  • Natural Super Food - Moringa Optimal Fitness Combo Supplement
  • Maximize energy,  muscule strength, endurance and vitality. Control weight. Nutrient Rich.
  • Proven Health properties; Anti Aging & Rejuvenating - Rich in anti-oxidants & plant protein
  • 100% Pure & naturally grown without pesticides.
  • 8 oz (227 gm) re-sealable package Trusted & Dependable Premium Quality
  • READY to eat. Blend in Smoothies and Green Drinks. Add to prepared foods. This product is 100% whole food - no additives.


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  Spiritual Oils
Oils The Way Nature Planned It

natural plantsFragrant plant and essential oils have been around for thousands of years.  Although ancient cultures enjoyed the aroma of  plant oils, these oils  were used primarily for their spiritual and medicinal properties. 


Today in modern society we find that plant oils are used predominantly  for their scent  Yet, more and more  people are rediscovering the healing power and spiritual benefits  of  plant oils.


To enjoy the benefits and power of spiritual oils, try the following;

  • Anoint your body with the oil (similar to putting on perfumes and cologne)
  • Place a couple of drops of the oil in your bath water
  • Put a  scent of the oil in the location where you meditate or pray
  • Put a hint of the oil in your automobile or work location.


Used by ancient Egyptians  to rejuvenate and revitalize. This oil has been used by a number of religions in blessings and for anointing. Frankincense is spiritually uplifting and is very helpful with helping to clear out past issues, relieve mental fatigue, and reduce fears. It attracts positive energy.


Myrrh had many uses in ancient medicines and religious ceremonies. It was used to assist with teeth and gum problems, to take care of wounds and to improve respiratory issues. Spiritually, myrrh  is used to clear out negative energy, jump start stagnant energy, and to facilitate tranquility during meditation. This oil is often combined with frankincense to magnify their spiritual properties. 


Lavender is a very calming and relaxing oil. It is well known for its antiseptic problems and has helped with insect bites, skin irritations, and fungus. Lavender smells good and is found in many perfumes. Spiritually, lavender helps with fears, anxiety, panic attacks, mood and swings. It will help to settle the mind and relieve mental stress. 



Rosemary is associated with rejuvenation. It has a woody, yet refreshing smell that clears the head. Rosemary stimulates blood circulation and is believed to help with aches, pains and hair loss. Spiritually, rosemary will help with feelings of inadequacy, being overwhelmed, indecisiveness and lack of energy.

Ylang, Ylang

Ylang, Ylang is generally found in expensive perfumes. It has a heavy sweet, exotic smell that is known to have aphrodisiac properties. Spiritually this oil is known  to warm the heart from hurt feelings and heal negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, resentment and guilt. It will also help with fears and frustrations as well as rebuilding self confidence.

Spiritual Oils, 1/4 oz bottles
(Indicate Oil of Your Preference at check out)

$12.00/ ea


Spiritually Fortified Oils
assist with Your Personal Goals
  Sacred Specialty Oils  

lavendar field 

Traditional Spiritual Healers and Shaman have an understanding of the plant kingdom and elements of nature that go beyond their biological properties. Our staff Consultant & Traditional Spiritual Healer, Chief Isha Mali, has studied esoteric sciences for more than 25 years. He uses his knowledge of Western & African plant essences to prepare blessed sacred oils to harmoniously assist you with meeting your goals. 


Fortified Specialty  Oils Can Provide . . . 


Help with Improving relationships and attracting love

Help with Increasing Harmony or Decreasing Disharmony

Help with Removing financial or monetary blocks

Help with clearing negative energy

Help with creating calm and peaceful vibrations


African Spiritual Oil
Contains 7 Powerful Spiritual herbs.
African TreeAnointing oil from the continent of Africa. Prepared & blessed by an African Priest. 5/8 dram (2ml), $25.  VERY LIMITED  SUPPLY

Known to Assist with the following . . .

Attracts positive energy, promotes harmonious communications, heightens awareness, attracts blessings and favor, improves business & personal relationships, encourages favorable outcomes. 

Inquiries and Purchase Requests

With the exception of the African Spiritual Oil our Sacred Specialty Oils are prepared on an individual request basis to meet your specific needs.   Prices for any specially prepared oil will very depending on circumstances.

Please call to speak to a consultant for assistance with African Spiritual Oil and/ or  Sacred Specialty Oils (248 358 4674).