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We believe that MATCHA JAPANESE ORGANIC GREEN TEA powder is perfect for a healthy life style. When you drink Authentic Matcha Green Tea Powder you ingest the entire leaf and receive 100% of the nutrients of the leaf!




To ensure quality, premium Matcha is grown in the shade resulting in plants that produce leaves that are rich in chlorophyll. HealthyYOU organically grown Japanese superior culinary Matcha powder is  vibrant green, harvested in Japan and ground into a very fine powder. Only the best leaves are used to make this powder.

Consuming Matcha Green Tea powder provides steady energy while helping to increase focus and concentration.

HealthyYOU Japanese Organic Matcha is a superior culinary grade  consisting of a finely ground Matcha leaf powder. It is perfect for tea. This exceptional tea has a savory, smooth,  somewhat sweet grassey taste. Matcha can also be whipped into smoothies and lattes, or added to baked goods, ice cream, or any prepared foods for a delicious, healthy boost  Matcha is truly a versatile super food making it easy to enjoy it's benefits.


If you’ve never used Matcha as a tea we recommend starting with one serving (1/2 teaspoon). However one to two servings may be added to your purified hot water to feel the desired effect of relaxed, focused energy. Boil pure water first and pour the water into your cup. Let cool for a bit before adding the matcha tea powder. To produce a nice foamy head on your tea - whisk, froth or stir the powder vigorously.  Add your favorite milk or a little sweetner if you desire.


FIGHTS DISEASE - Matcha contains the very powerful EGCG antioxidant - know for its help with cancer. It provides a great source of  chlorophyll, fiber & minerals.  Contains 137x the antioxidants of brewed green tea. Antioxidants help your body fight infections and disease.


HELPS MAINTAIN A HEALTHY METABOLISM - Matcha helps metabolize fat to support your weight management goals.


CALORIE BURNING – Consuming Matcha tea  powder can increase the rate your body burns calories.


PROVIDES A NATURAL ENERGY BOOST – The energy boost from consuming Matcha  has been known to be long lasting without the coffee crash or jitters..


DETOXIFIES -  The high level of chlorophyll contained in the matcha leaf powder is a powerful detoxifier.


ANTI AGING – Matcha helps rejuvenate your skin and fights aging


INCREASES ENERGY & REDUCES STRESS LEVELS -- enhances mood, concentration  and focus. Although all matcha contains some caffeine (each half-teaspoon serving contains roughly 34 mg of caffeine - about 1/3 a cup of caffeinated coffee) .


Matcha also contains  the relaxing properties of the amino acid L-theanine. This combination   helps increase energy, enhance mood, concentration and focus while reducing stress levels.


Therefore, a cup of matcha green tea promotes concentration and clarity of mind without the crash or nervous energy that is typically associated with coffee. It’s healthy energy! 


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HealthyYOU Matcha Green Tea - Anti oxidants, Energy, Metabolism, Calorie Burning

Japanese Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder Superior Culinary Grade -  Fresh, Vibrant Green, Nutrient Rich, Net Wt 60 grams

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HealthyYOU Matcha Green Tea is packaged  in a healthy food grade re sealable bulk package to help maintain maximum freshness. 60 grams of goodness. (2.1 oz)  30  servings




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Products in Stock   FAST Shipping to USA Locations!

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