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Spiritual Oils Rejuvenate the  Mind, Body & Spirit

  Spiritual Oils
Oils The Way Nature Planned It

natural plantsFragrant plant and essential oils have been around for thousands of years.  Although ancient cultures enjoyed the aroma of  plant oils, these oils  were used primarily for their spiritual and medicinal properties. 


Today in modern society we find that plant oils are used predominantly  for their scent  Yet, more and more  people are rediscovering the healing power and spiritual benefits  of  plant oils.


To enjoy the benefits and power of spiritual oils, try the following;

  • Anoint your body with the oil (similar to putting on perfumes and cologne)
  • Place a couple of drops of the oil in your bath water
  • Put a  scent of the oil in the location where you meditate or pray
  • Put a hint of the oil in your automobile or work location.


Used by ancient Egyptians  to rejuvenate and revitalize. This oil has been used by a number of religions in blessings and for anointing. Frankincense is spiritually uplifting and is very helpful with helping to clear out past issues, relieve mental fatigue, and reduce fears. It attracts positive energy.


Myrrh had many uses in ancient medicines and religious ceremonies. It was used to assist with teeth and gum problems, to take care of wounds and to improve respiratory issues. Spiritually, myrrh  is used to clear out negative energy, jump start stagnant energy, and to facilitate tranquility during meditation. This oil is often combined with frankincense to magnify their spiritual properties. 


Lavender is a very calming and relaxing oil. It is well known for its antiseptic problems and has helped with insect bites, skin irritations, and fungus. Lavender smells good and is found in many perfumes. Spiritually, lavender helps with fears, anxiety, panic attacks, mood and swings. It will help to settle the mind and relieve mental stress. 



Rosemary is associated with rejuvenation. It has a woody, yet refreshing smell that clears the head. Rosemary stimulates blood circulation and is believed to help with aches, pains and hair loss. Spiritually, rosemary will help with feelings of inadequacy, being overwhelmed, indecisiveness and lack of energy.

Ylang, Ylang

Ylang, Ylang is generally found in expensive perfumes. It has a heavy sweet, exotic smell that is known to have aphrodisiac properties. Spiritually this oil is known  to warm the heart from hurt feelings and heal negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, resentment and guilt. It will also help with fears and frustrations as well as rebuilding self confidence.


Our spiriual oils are sold in 1/4 oz bottles. $15. 00/ ea.  Please contact us to confirm availability and to place an ordor.  Email:   248 358 4674



Spiritually Fortified Oils
assist with Your Personal Goals


Traditional Spiritual Healers and Shaman have an understanding of the plant kingdom and elements of nature that go beyond their biological properties. Our  Consultant & Traditional Spiritual Healer, Chief Isha Mali, has studied esoteric sciences for more than 25 years. He uses his knowledge of Western & African plant essences to prepare blessed sacred oils to harmoniously assist you with meeting your goals. 


Fortified Specialty  Oils Can Provide . . . 


Help with Improving relationships and attracting love

Help with Increasing Harmony or Decreasing Disharmony

Help with Removing financial or monetary blocks

Help with clearing negative energy

Help with creating calm and peaceful vibrations


Our Spiritually fortified oils are prepared on an individual basis to meet your need. Prices vary.   Please contact us to discuss availability and to place an ordor.  Email:   248 358 4674


African Anointing Spiritual Oil
Attract Favorable Outcomes
African Tree


Our Anointing oil comes from the continent of Africa. It contains 7 indigeneous herbs,  known for their ability to attract positive energy. The herbs were charred, ground into a powder and placed in a fragrant oil  by an African Priest.  5/8 dram (2 ml), $25.  VERY LIMITED  SUPPLY

The oil is placed on your third eye (center of your forehead) and on each wrist.  This oil sssists as follows . . .

Attracts positive energy, promotes harmonious communications, heightens awareness & intuition, attracts blessings and favor, improves business & personal relationships, encourages favorable outcomes. 


Our African Anointing Spritual oils are provided in a 5/8 dram (.2 ml).   $25/ bottle. Limited supply. Please contact us to discuss availability and to place an ordor.  Email:   248 358 4674