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A Heightened Intuition is Life Changing

Develop Your Intuitive

Skills to Enjoy an Amazingly Life!

Gain Clarity on Personal Issues, Improve Relationships, Move Beyond Challenges, Improve Timing & Opportunities for Success


A Synchronistic Guide to Increased Awareness



3 KEY Reasons to Develop Your Intuition:
Right Place. Right Time. Right Decisions.


The Golden Book of Personal Wisdom is a Powerful Resource

This self-help book is designed to assist you with the development of your intuition so that you can enjoy the successful life you desire.  You'll refer to it time and again while strengthening your personal awareness.  When you are in sync with your intuition you learn to trust your gut to be in the right place at the right time; to look deeper into life situations and to make favorable decisions. 


Navigate Life Confidently

The Golden Book of Personal Wisdom is unique. It is not intended to be read from cover to cover. Based on universal principles and the science of synchronicity -- This interactive Oracle acts as an intuitive GPS to help you navigate through life with more confidence. You can consult the book on any heartfelt issue.

Readers have experienced increased clarity and focus with life choices -- including career, health, relationships & personal decisions

Basically, successful people know the value of heightened intuition & rely on it regularly. Great things can happen when you are connected

“…have the courage to follow your heart and intuition”. Steve Jobs

“Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself.” Oprah Winfrey

‘The only real valuable thing is intuition.” - Albert Einstein


Practice Increases Awareness

It takes practice to increase your intuition which is why this book is perfect. The instructions on how to use the book are simple and appear in the  introduction. After reading the introduction, close the book.

Focus on a heartfelt situation or circumstance for which you'd like to gain clarity. You may then begin to use the book to divine answers as well as connect intuitively to your life situations and personal questions.
 (Author Rhonda Powers, 1999, 247 pgs, 9x6)


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    "I just love this book! I use it all the time!"  Diane C, Ohio

    "I bought a copy for personal use and took it to my office. Now my employees are using it as well. It definitely keeps you focused on the important issues."  Dr. Anthony, Michigan

    "I keep this book  in my yoga class.. Actually I've given books to people in my class who liked to use my book." Kathy R., CA.

    : Rhonda Powers is a gifted Personal Consultant, Spiritual Intuitive, certified hypnotherapist, Advocate of Natural Wellness, Energy Worker, Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, & Wholistic Life Coach.  The Golden Book of Personal Wisdom is one of several inspring books she has authored.
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