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 Paper Back, English

Secrets Revealed to Attract Your Best Life Now!


Why Settle For Less When You Deserve More?

7 Simple Steps to an Amazing Life


By Rhonda O'Rah Watson


Learn Law of Attraction strategies to the quickest, easiest and most effective way to  manifest better circumstances. You don't have to settle!! 

This book will explain 7 simple steps to  ACCELERATE your ability to attract and enjoy the career, relationship, goals and personal  life changes you desire.


Why Settle for Less When You Deserve More takes you beyond positive thinking. It definitively helps you to identify and remove self sabotaging blocks to progress.  While the techniques in the book may seem simple -- they are actually quite powerful -- and what's most important they work

Brilliant and inspiring. People who liked "The Secret" which is based on the law of attraction, will certainly value this book. The Law of Attraction and synchronicity principles explain the 'why'. This book  shows you the keys to  how to ACTUALLY make the principles work for you. 

Don't Just Play the Hand You Were Dealt -- Change the deck.
This Book is A Must Read!


Why Settle for Less When You Deserve More is also a desirable resource for Educators, Entrepreneurs, Counselors, College Students, Team Leaders, and Group Training /Leadership Programs. (129 pgs, paperback, english) 


"No achievement is insignificant. Words create energy. Thoughts produce outcomes. These are just a few of the ideas conveyed in Rhonda O'Rah Watson's inspiring, instructional life manual. Why Settle for Less When You Deserve More: 7 Simple Steps to an Amazing Life combines basic principles for transforming goals into success. Combining ancient Eastern wisdom with her personal insights and experience as an intuitive consultant, Rhonda O'Rah creates a thirty-day guideline for beginning -- or continuing -- our journeys toward prosperity. Her engaging tone and meaningful insights are valuable reading" Eddie Allen. award-winning reporter and freelance journalist whose work has appeared in New York Times, Reuters, The Associated Press,, and the Detroit Free Press.

Additional Reviews

"The book made me take a closer look at the role I play
in my own personal situations and gave me tools
to make a difference”.  Craig S.

“The approach is simple yet profound. It really put
things in perspective for me” Anthony

“It turned out to be a lot more than I expected. This is
the best book for me because it gave me practical
I can use daily.  I keep referring to it.”  Cynthia, LA

"I am still applying the techniques on how to focus
and avoid distractions to my goals. I'm doing
work. So far so good.”  Kim, Detroit

" Fantastic book. Highly recommend for people who like straight-to-the-point self help books. Excellent read and straight forward personal help tips to work with. Absolutely enjoyed this book and look forward to beginning the work sheets. " A. Arnold, Ontario

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Rhonda O'Rah Watson is an expert in facilitating positive life transformations and a firm believer in natural solutions to wellbeing. She is Managing Consultant for Personal Awareness LLC, a gifted Spiritual Intuitive, certified hypnotherapist, Energy Worker, Therapeutic Touch practitioner, Wholistic Coach & Author of several self help books. Rhonda O'Rah holds a B.A. in education with post graduate training in Finance & Business.  Her inspirational writings have been featured in several publications including the Michigan Chronicle. She is an experienced instructor of adult empowerment training and encourages constituents to think outside the box.

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