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Healthy Life Style Work Shops

 Stress Management

Many people  are aware of the importance of managing and preventing stress -- but haven't found the time to learn the "how to" of stress prevention. 

To meet your need, we provide stress management training  classes seasonally -- Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall at our Michigan location. During our classes you will receive a wealth of information and learn practical techniques to stay stress free -- in a short period of time. 

You will learn:

Keys to managing daily stress; How to increase positive energy in your life; The importance and power of breath; How to listen to relax better; Exercises to release body tension; exercises to strengthen the immune sysstem, and How to create peaeful moments.

Our Stress Management Training Classes meet once a week for two weeks. Each session lasts up to two hours. 

You will find our sessions to be  so very relaxingly to your mind, body and spirit-- that you will consider attending the class again and again. And of course you can! First time attendees receive a free Stress Control Audio CD. FEE: $75 per person         

Offered periodically in the Southfield, Mi area.  Also available for groups. Call to inquire. 248.358 4674 or email:

ATTENTION GROUP LEADERS: Sponsor your group of 12 or more for  a Stress Management Training Session and receive your training FREE.

 Reshaping Your Reality
Attract Favorable Outcomes Through Focus & Awareness
During this four hour work shop intensive you will learn  practical techniques to impact your reality through  the use of subtle energy, increased awareness and refocused throughts. When implemented, the techniques will help you to improve opportunities, create positive life changes and achieve desired goals.  This course designed to jump start anyone who is feeling  stuck and is ready to move beyond the status quo.

COURSE FEE: $100 / Person. 
Includes course materials, lecture, interactive training, light snack.  Classes held in Southfield, Mi. Also available for groups of 10 or more. . Call to inquire 248 358 4674 or Email:

Awareness Building Classes

Empowerment  Training For Men
.Secrets All Men Should Know to Maximize Stamina, Vitality and Energetic Power. A 5 hour training course that is designed to provide important techniques and instruction in how to build, strengthen and maximize your personal energy. Included are strategies to avoid energy drains - which can lead to loss of male vitality as well as a number of easily avoided health challenges. Includes lecture, course materials,  notebooks, pin and light snack. What you don't know can hurt you -- particulary when it pertains to male energetic health. Check out this class.

Fee: $155   Group discounts available. Call for schedule: 248 358 4674 or email:
Empowerment  Training For Women

Learn how to make significant -- yet  profound changes to improve your  personal well  being and relationships. This 3 hr class willl focus on how to make positive changes, awareness of the fundamental self, healing herbs - natures gift to wellbeing, universal love taboos, your home - the outer reflection of the inner you, and the Divine Match - finding and keeping your soul mate.


Fee: $140  Group discounts available. Call for schedule 248 358 4674 or email:


Advanced Esoteric & Spiritual Training

 Powerful Rituals for Positive Changes

Rituals are used by everyone in some form or another throughout day to day existence. However there is a science behind traditional ancient rituals used to enhance life.

In this 4 hour training session, you wll learn the practical application of spiritual secrets and master level keys known by our ancestors to consciously  move beyond challenging times into a position of empowerment for mind, body and spirit.

FEE: $210  Call to inquire 248 358 4674 or email: 

The PATH of Initiation
Powerful Mind, Body & Spiritual Training. The PATH of Initiation is an  Eleven (11) session advanced spiritual training program that  focuses on  maximizing your mental, physical and spiritual personal power. You  will develop an in depth awareness of spiritual sciences  and their practical application for your personal growth, empowerment and well-being. The Path of Initiation is steeped in Ancient African wisdom and traditions that will put you in touch with the who, what and why you are on this journey called life. Available in individual personalized sessions and group training.

The PATH focuses on:

* The application of Ancient African & Spiritual  Sciences
* Learning sacred principles and how to apply them
   Developing intuitive abilities

* The power of working with subtle energy 
* The spirituality of the plant and mineral kingdoms
* Manifestation techniques & strategies
* Natural approaches to maintaining health and well being
* Building a solid foundation for personal power
* Living your life spiritually connected
  • Graduates of the PATH of Initiation include students from a variety ofvillage professional and educational backgrounds. The  techniques and tools they've acquired during training have resulted increased success in their personal and professional lives.

    FEE: $975.  Includes 11 training sessions, course materials, spiritual talismen, and empowerment tools. Group rates are available. Call to inquire 248 358 4674 or Email:

  • Testimonials:

    "The Path of Initiation courses have helped me to develop my own personal power.   As a result, I have the life that I want—with health, wealth and happiness—as well as the tools I need to create even higher levels of success.  This work has given me a framework for knowledge, wisdom, understanding and ACTION that is steeped in African tradition. ...  I am truly grateful for the cultural restoration available through the Path of Initiation.  As a person of active faith, I highly recommend this truly dynamic experience." M. R. Ypsilanti, Consultant/ Entrepreneur

     "The Path of Initiation appeared just when I was ready for it.  I had been searching for something that would resonate with me in a deep and meaningful way.  The Path course not only resonated with me, it further reoriented my world view.  I see things and think about things in ways I had never imagined before.  As an African in America I have more confidence in my innate nature, my intuition, the first mind. " ".  ... I look forward to continuing my studies with the Chief.  J. H. Detroit

    "The path of  initiation gave me a security and comfort that allowed me to deal with one of the biggest obstacles I would face in my young life. I was equipped with tools to supercede this obstacle.... I have realized some valuable truths about myself through initiation and these truths are more apparent now than they were when I first started on this journey which leads me believe that the "Path" is just that ............... An infinite path full of wonder and surprise. " L. J. Ypsilanti, Supervisor
    The Journey of a Thousand Miles
    Begins with the First Step

    (African Proverb)


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